Fitness Tips

Build Strength With These Tips

Everyone wishes they looked great naked, but many focus on form instead of function. The bottom line is muscles should be able to perform and they should have formed. If you want to pack on muscles and wrestle like him, then read on.

Building herculean strength doesn’t have to be difficult. Just make sure you keep the pillars for building strength in mind. These include:

Use Compound Movements & Free Weights

If you want to get huge and become stronger, then focus on exercises such as the bench press, rows, deadlifts, power cleans, and military press. Do variations of those exercises, too. These lifts are compound movements, which can pack on the most muscle mass.

Use free weights because they allow you to be more stabilized. Free weights allow you to lift just as the body is designed to lift them. Furthermore, since you’re in full control of all aspects of the exercise with free weights, your targeted muscle will be thoroughly trained.

Learn Technique

Even the most experienced lifters work on improving and maintaining good technique. The average person is typically not too concerned about improving, as they just want to get stronger. Remember this though, increasing strength is a skill.

It’s important to practice good form. This is because the nervous system tells muscles to work in a more efficient way. Plus, maintaining good technique and improving technique reduces the risk of injury.

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Perform Low reps

Increasing force production results in fast increases in strength. This is why it’s a good idea to perform 1-5 reps per set. If you do more reps than that, then the nervous system will focus on different areas. Also, athletes that want to achieve peak strength levels need to avoid cumulative fatigue.

Warm Up The Right Way

If you want to build strength, then bear in mind you don’t have to lift heavy every single set you perform. In fact, it’s a good idea to perform warm-up sets. Before you do your first set or two, try warming up.

For example, let’s say your max bench press is around 200KGs. You can perform a warm-up set of 50KGs. After your warm-up set, you can start increasing weight for each set.

Increase Resistance Every Training Session

Your body adapts to weight. This means you shouldn’t stick to the same weight every single training session. It also doesn’t mean adding a whole lot of weight every time you train. Simply make small jumps in weight each time you train, as this will allow you to gradually get stronger and build muscle.

Record your training sessions. Do this via a notepad or an app. This will allow you to track how much weight you’re lifting, which comes in handy as time goes by.

Train Your Weak Areas

Asides from the main lifts you’re doing, try to focus on assistance movements too. This will help you increase your strength. In the long run, it’ll help you lift more on your primary lifts.

For example, let’s say deadlifts are your weak area. You can use a rack pull that assists you in lifting. Eventually, you’ll get stronger on your deadlifts and won’t need the rack pull.

Limit Your Selection Of Exercises

More isn’t always better. Simply focus on your primary lifts, as well as assistance exercises. Other than that, you can focus on skill/speed work. Stick with a handful of exercises and before you know it, you’ll start achieving good results.