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The Benefits of Self-storage

Large storage facility having multiple units

1. Relocating Office or Home

This is usually one of the more common reasons why people require our professional self-storage services. When you are moving office or home located far away and it doesn’t make sense to move all your items on the same day. In these cases, self-storage from Blue Box Storage could become your saving grace since relocating to another place can be a very stressful event. Self-storage can relieve this type of stress over this time.

2. Commercial and Business Needs

You don’t only need to be move office to use our services. In fact, companies use our premises regularly and in many cases, it doesn’t involve moving office. They use our facilities for storing equipment like printers or promotional material (seasonal) that is taking up space in their offices.

Companies often require more space yet they don’t have the budget to relocate to a larger office since the rates for businesses are very expensive at the moment. If you have offices in a large city, an expansion might not be available to you since your business is located in an area that is already built up. Self-storage is a far cheaper alternative, and this is the reason why many businesses are starting to embrace this idea.

3. Extending Your Property

If you have plans to extend your home rather than move, self-storage can also play an important role during the process of the project. When your home is undergoing renovations, you will need a safe space to store your belongings until the work is complete.

You will also make it easier on the contractors and builders when your possessions are removed from the property so that they don’t have to move them from one spot to another. Damage and breakages are easy to avoid when you use a self-storage facility during an office or home renovation. Self-storage is an easy way to protect your valuables while renovating.

4. Working Away or Gap Year

People that have to spend some of their time working abroad or those that are travelling that plan to return home at some stage can also benefit from a self-storage facility.

Whether you are taking a year off from your studies or you are a couple that has plans to take a year break from your jobs to travel before you settle down and start a family, self-storage offers one of the easiest options to make sure your effects have been stored safely until you arrive back on British soil. Our rates are also highly competitive, and this is why our services are popular among students.

5. House Clearance

If someone close to you has passed away, it is usually the relatives that need to clear the deceased’s home. In some cases, the home will need to be quickly cleared for a probate reason or when the property goes on sale and the sale goes through much faster than you expected. This is when self-storage can provide a temporary solution while you decide what you would like to do with your belongings.

You may decide to keep a few items as they are sentimental to you, or other items that hold value. Self-storage provides you with more than enough time to decide what you are going to do, while the home gets sold. Self-storage also provides a way for you to go through the items in your own time so that you can make the best decision on what to do with your loved one’s personal effects.

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