4 Benefits Of VoIP Telephone System

  1. Low Cost-Per-Call

The VoIP technology uses Internet Protocol to make calls – just like its name would suggest. All communication data will be turned into data packages and sent over the IP network instead of using telephone lines. You can either use a direct IP connection to your telephone service provider, the internet connection or a combination of both as the IP network your business uses for VoIP calls.

The Guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) from your telecommunication service provider’s network is the most important part of an IP connection. But QoS won’t be possible if you are using the Internet to connect to your telecommunication service provider.

When you place a call over a traditional phone line, the line will be taken up by the two callers to communicate. In fact, calls placed over land phone lines – especially long-distance – are quite expensive because there are only a limited amount of phone lines that can be installed. That’s where the internet comes in handy. The internet can circumvent this problem and make domestic and international calls much cheaper.

You have the ability to make domestic and long-distance calls at no additional cost when you use VoIP for your business. For example, if the phone number you chose for your business is in the U.S., service providers will let all calls within the “Lower 48” in the U.S. for free. Just imagine how much VoIP can save for your business! In fact, switching to a VoIP system can save your small business up to 45% on your monthly phone costs.

  1. Service Mobility

VoIP services will follow your business wherever you go, and they can be of tremendous service to a business on the go.

When you have a traditional phone system, the line that runs to your business or home will be assigned a unique phone number. Any calls that take place thereafter become a trial of remembering the right keys or codes to dial on the phone. You will be wasting a lot of time by contacting phone service providers to transfer services and phone numbers to new locations. In fact, with a VoIP phone system, all of this trouble will be eliminated. There are no such physical limitations, and you are free to move as your small business demands without added stress.

  1. Versatility of Features

Using a VoIP phone system will let you multitask with the most tech-savvy devices, which will allow you to be the most productive that you can be. For example, even when you are on a call within a queue, you can easily strategize your approach to missed calls from clients as you are reading voicemail-to-text transcriptions sent directly to your email inbox. You can do all this while waiting in the queue.

On the other hand, you can also forward voicemails and messages easily. In case you receive an important message in a voicemail, you have the ability to forward that voicemail to 3 other people at the click of your mouse.

Many other useful features are available with VoIP phone systems. You can add or subtract any feature with ease since the service always goes with you. In fact, VoIP telephone systems are designed to grow with your business.

  1. Simple Conference Calls

All calls on the VoIP telephone system use converged data networks instead of a dedicated phone line. Hence, you can easily create and participate in conference calls with this system. With traditional phone systems, you can take part in conference calls. But you have to pay more to host multiple callers for a conference.

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