What are the Top Performance Cars to Buy in 2022?

Porsche 911 parked outside a store

1. Toyota GR Yaris

It might be compact, but the Toyota GR Yaris is seriously mighty and deserves to be on our list. In fact, we thought so highly of this car that we proudly named it Performance Car of The Year at the 2021 Auto Express New Car Awards. In the process of creating this “World Rally Car For The Road”, Toyota went way further than just souping up the standard Yaris with a large exhaust and some body kit.

Instead, they added “what they claimed to be” the most powerful 3-cylinder engine in the world, which gives out an astounding 257bhp. They also strengthened the suspension, along with the fitment of an all-wheel-drive highly-sophisticated system. This combo has resulted in a pocket rocket that packs a dramatic punch on straights, making light work when it comes to corners, which will make you smile from ear to ear, which is what performance cars are all about.

With a top speed of 143mph and a 0-62mph time of 5.5 seconds (claimed), the GR Yaris is not as speedy when compared to other cars we included on our list, yet it is still such an entertaining car when it comes to driving that this might not matter once you try it out. Another highlight of this car has to do with its day-to-day usability. The 3-cylinder engine will likely return to over 30mpg when you use the throttle lightly, which says a lot when it comes to the typical standards for performance cars. It can also comfortably seat 4 passengers and includes Toyota’s 100,000-mile/five-year standard warranty.

2. Porsche 911

Not many car models can brag about such a rich and long heritage when it comes to the Porsche 911. The 992 is the 8th generation of close to six decades of 911 production, and it carries on advancing technological performance standards when it comes to this particular flagship model. There may be many variants available, yet one thing has remained constant across this range and that is 911’s outstanding all-around performance in the category of “premium” sports cars.

Even in a standard Carrera disguise, the 911 can easily launch from 0-62mph in a mere 4.2 seconds and then reach an impressive 182mph top speed. If that doesn’t blow your mind, the Turbo S (with a Sport Chrono Package fitted) offers figures that are even more remarkable of 2.7 seconds and 205mph. The highly engaging driving experience and phenomenal performance, and enough practicality that allows for luggage for a weekend getaway, also make the 911 a reliable all-around choice. High-quality lowering spring kits from Apex Suspension can provide a more comfortable riding experience.

3. Maserati MC20

After a long 18-year break from the market of supercars, Maserati has done everything possible to make sure the MC20 is an intentional statement and to remind everyone that the “historic marque” is still one of the forces that “can be reckoned with”.

With truly beautiful looks, a carbon-fibre chassis, butterfly doors, a double-wishbone suspension, and a powerful twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6 engine, the MC20 621bhp has covered every factor when it comes to supercars.

This model also features F1-derived technology. The £190,000 starting price means that the costs appear reasonably fair in value when compared to a few of its rivals. 0-62mph will take only 2,9 seconds (in the right conditions), and the acceleration will continue until it reaches a highly impressive 202mph.

However you choose to drive this model, whether cruising through the city or taking daring turns around the track, the MC20 is certainly an extremely special car.

4. Ferrari Roma

The Roma is regarded as a radically outstanding model that Ferrari has produced in years. This latest “grand tourer” from this brand is very different from the previous Ferrari GT cars, which included California and the Portofino.

The most obvious and first way that the Roma is different has to do with their appearance. This all-new direction when it comes to styling is purposeful to show that this brand has entered a brand new era. The elegant and smooth Roma appears drastically different from any of the other models that sport that prancing horse.