Safety Guidelines

How To Stay Safe While Having Fun Out On The Town

Student life can include a lot of evenings out, whether you go dancing every weekend or just hang out with pals at the local pub.

There are a few things to consider before you go out so you can enjoy your nights out at university for a safe night if any alcohol is involved.

Just Before You Go

When you’re getting ready, you probably have a lot of thoughts about where you’re going, what music is playing, and who you’ll meet. To ensure a good night, there are a few things you should do before leaving the house:

  • Before you go, make sure your phone is fully charged.
  • Avoid using cash machines at night if you intend to carry cash. Instead, visit them during the day.
  • Put your ID, keys, and other valuables in a secure location where you won’t lose them.
  • Keep your wallet outside of your back pocket.
  • Don’t leave your bag alone when you’re out if you brought one.

Avoid drinking too much if you’re meeting up with friends for pre-drinks first at their homes. Alcohol consumption in moderation is OK. However, drinking too much alcohol increases your vulnerability and increases your risk of becoming a victim of crime.

Likewise, exercise caution while hosting guests for pre-drinks at your home (or at the end of the night). Keep in mind that drinking too much impairs your judgment, which might put you in danger or get you into trouble.

Stay With Friends

Even though it might appear simple, staying with your friends in a crowded Apples & Pears Bar can be more difficult than it seems. To keep you and your friends linked, consider the following advice:

  • Use authorized taxis, and plan your trip to and from the city in advance.
  • Before you go to the bathroom or the bar, let your pals know where you’re heading.
    When you go from your friends’ group, bring someone with you.
  • If one of you decides to go to the pub, create a group chat with your friends so you can communicate throughout the evening.
  • Send your friend a message in the group chat if you realize you haven’t spoken to them in a while.
  • Make sure everyone is aware of how and when you are all returning home before you depart together.

Alcohol Safety

You or a few of your buddies are probably going to be drinking. It’s okay to have a few drinks during the evening. But drinking too much beer or taking too many shots is dangerous.

Here Are Some Pointers for Drinking Sensibly:

  • Alcohol on an empty stomach will have you in the bathroom in no time, so eat before you drink so that your body can handle your drinks more effectively.
  • Pace your drinking to avoid becoming drunk when the taxi arrives; if you want to keep track of what you’re drinking, visit the Drinkaware drinks calculator.
  • Never accept a drink from an unfamiliar person.
  • Don’t mix different types of beverages; stick to just one whether you’re drinking beer or wine.
  • Throughout the evening, sip on water or soft drinks. If you start to feel too inebriated, stop.
  • Recognize the telltale indications of intoxication in yourself or a friend. speech slurring, vision blurring, and losing equilibrium.
  • Get your friends some water and some fresh air to help them sober up if one of them has had a little too much to drink.
  • These simple tips will help keep you safe and ensure you have a fun night out on the town.

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