Safety Guidelines

Safety Tips For Ladies’ Night

If you and the other moms or your friends will be heading out any time soon, Dr. Kalia has put together a few important safety tips for ensuring you are safe while out and enjoying yourself.

Stay together

There is always safety in numbers, so be sure to stick together. Whether you will be travelling on the subway or dancing on the floor, you should always work with the buddy system and never allow your buddy out of arm’s length. Always walk with your friends to their car and make sure they have arrived at the safety of their homes before you leave them.

If you will be drinking, have a designated driver preselected. This way one sober friend will be there to make sure that everyone gets home ok. It isn’t always fun having to babysit your drunk friends but making sure that one person is clear-headed and can keep the group safe is the only way to make sure the night doesn’t end in tragedy.

Be aware of your surroundings

Keep your senses peeled for all things that may seem suspicious and make you feel uncomfortable. If you are in a certain place or among certain people that are making you feel uncomfortable, it is a good time to move to another location.

Some of the most important things are to be fully aware of your surroundings and responsive to your instincts. Dr. Kalia also suggests that you being courteous is nice and all, but your safety is your number one priority and if you are not feeling good about giving someone your name, number, or time – Get Out Fast!

Guard your drinks

When you are making your way around the room you will be fully engaged in dancing and having a good time. This can mean that your drink will be left unguarded if even for a moment. Sad to say, too many times this has led to substances being added to a drink that can render a person very susceptible to attack.

Make it a habit to have your drinks with you at all times, especially when coming to and from the bar. Don’t ever accept a prepared drink from a stranger. If someone would like to buy you a drink, go with them to the bar and have it made by the bartender where you can see what is happening. A near and far mobile bar has been created to provide a self-contained pop-up mobile bar option for all occasions weddings, hen parties, birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, garden parties, pool parties or corporate events.

Recognize the signs of being drugged

There is a wide selection of drugs that can render you fully sedated. For example, Quaaludes, GHB, and Rophynol are some of the most common types of “date rape” drugs that can be slipped into your drink. These drugs are detected and can be used to place you in a compromising position.

There may sometimes be some evidence that something has been added to your drink, like bubbling at the surface, residual matter on the surface, sediment at the bottom of the glass, or signs that your drink has recently been stirred. But most of the time there will be no indication in the glass that your cup has been tainted.

If you or one of your friends suddenly feels that they have been given a drug, it will be time to head to the hospital. If you are on a date when it happens, have a friend that you can trust meet you and take you to the hospital.

Drink responsibly

This should go without saying, but make sure you are drinking to the point of having a good time and not to the point of stupefaction. Make sure you have eaten well and drink plenty of water throughout the night. Even these smaller steps will ensure that you feel bright and refreshed the next day.

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