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Tips on How to Make the Most out of Instagram

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1. Give People Reasons to Follow You

Rather than, or in addition to, only putting your slogan, value proposition, or credentials in your Instagram bio, provide your “potential followers” with a more detailed idea of what they can expect if they decide to follow you. Here are some examples:

  • You’re the go-to for fast marketing tips along with original, brilliant memes.
  • Keep following for top-rated training tips for dogs, prepare for adorable overload.
  • Cooking tips for those that are culinary challenged.
  • Keep following if you are into binary options and securing your finances for the future.

2. Choose the Right Handle

First thing first, your Instagram handle should be very close to the name of your business and any other social media handle that you have. This will make sure your account is easier to recognise, find, and remember.

3. Ensure it is a Business Profile

An Instagram Business Profile provides access to the analytics that display who is following you, the content they enjoy best, and also whether you are losing or gaining them. If you have not yet made the transition, use the “hamburger” in your bio (in the top right) and tap on Settings. From here tap on Switch to Professional Account. Select a category, offer the details about your business, and you will be set to go.

4. Nix the Boring Bio Link

The top Instagram bios will change up their bio links every few days at least, and send followers or people to popular or new content, landing pages, promo codes, and more.

Even better, think about using an app like Linktree to share several links to destinations that add value such as deals, blog posts, website pages, and more.

5. Focus on the Quality Followers

There are close to a billion Instagram users. But you want to avoid disengaged onlookers that are not interested in your account You also won’t want fickle followers that are known for unfollowing just as fast. You should be looking for followers that:

  • Share, like, or comment on your posts
  • Convert into customers and leads
  • Appreciate the content you put out
  • Assist you with securing more excellent followers

If Instagram could be compared to candy, you should not be attempting to open pinatas before you pounce. You should rather imagine curating fine chocolates to cultivate your community.

Now that you have a profile that has been optimised for fabulous and fruitful followership, you can now work on attracting a lot more people to your account. Here are a few tips on how to use creativity and content to attract more Instagram followers.

6. Make Use of Every Format

One of the things that distinguish Instagram from other well-known platforms when it comes to social media is the different formats. These help to keep the attention of the users and provide you with a way to show off different aspects when it comes to your brand.

Here are a few things you should be taking advantage of:

  • Feed Posts: Videos and photos of the very best quality
  • Stories: Short-lived content that is more spontaneous and raw (Stories Hacks here)
  • Reels: Videos with a bit more focus on entertainment (Creative Reels Ideas here)
  • Lives: Real-time videos, AMAs, and great-for-tutorials (how to run great IG Live here)

When you provide more facets about your business, the more prone they will become when it comes to developing an affinity which means they will start following you. Are you from Surrey and unsure of how to use these different formats? You can get in contact with Air Social in Surrey, a social media marketing agency to help you with what you should be posting on Instagram.

7. Publish Great Content – Consistently

This is essential when it comes to your overall social media marketing strategy and not just on Instagram. The excellent content part is a given, but consistency is something that is often overlooked. One excellent post may win you a few followers, but now you are under the spotlight.

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